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Samsung with extra flat Neo-QLEDs

As soon as "Dinner for One" has flickered across the screen, things are going strong again in the world of technology. CES 2022 will take place in Las Vegas from January 4th to 7th . Although some big names are missing with Google, Meta and Microsoft, other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG will not miss the opportunity to present their first highlights of the year at the fair. TV fans in particular get their money's worth. Samsung with extra flat Neo-QLEDs Samsung is redesigning its Neo QLEDs. Since 2021, televisions have been equipped with mini LEDs that generate bright, evenly illuminated images and ensure high contrasts. The new model, the Samsung QN95B, is supposed to adapt the bundling of light to the image content. Samsung expects this to result in less overexposure to high-contrast image edges. In addition, the television can adjust the backlight brightness in finer steps. It should also score visually, its very thin rim makes it possible. Because Samsung ha

Animation of magnetic reconnection in the seated tail of the magnetosphere of Venus.

ESA's Venus Express spacecraft is orbiting close to polar, suitable for devices including a magnetometer and a random particle detector to study the interaction of the solar wind, the ionosphere, and the tail of the magnetosphere. Previous missions, along with Pioneer Venus, were in periodic orbits or were active during specific periods of the solar pastime, so now they could not detect these reunion events.

On May 15, 2006, Venus Express crossed to the tail of Venus' magnetosphere when it detected the structure of a rotating magnetic region in approximately 3 minutes. Calculations based entirely on its length and pace mean it was about 3,400 km long.

The event, which occurred about five radii from Venus (about 9000 km) down the trail, is considered evidence of a transient plasmoid, a temporary form of a magnetic loop that forms through magnetic reconnection in the tail of the magnetosphere. Planetary.

Further studies of the Venus Express magnetic field recordings revealed many close observations of the energy exchange between a magnetic object and the plasma within the tail.

The data also shows that Venus's magnetosphere is, in many ways, a scaled-down version of Earth.

Magnetic reconnections occur in the tail of the Earth's magnetosphere and plasma layers at a distance of approximately 10-30 planetary radii below the make money online bottom of the magnetosphere. Since Earth's magnetosphere is 10 times larger, one could predict that reconnection on Venus would occur 1-3 radii below its tail. This is where Venus Express discovered the reconnection activity.

"Plasmoids are common possibilities within the magnetospheres of planets, including Earth and Jupiter, but they were not predicted in the magnetic tail of a non-magnetic planet along with Venus," said Tilong Zhang, lead author of the scientific paper. Zhang is Principal Investigator of the Magnetometer Instrument on Venus Express and Principal Investigator at the Institute for Space Research in Graz, Austria.

"The reconnection split the tail of the magnetosphere, causing most of the plasma in the bottom to be ejected into space. As a result, the magnetic reconnection causes the plasma to move to Venus, similar to what happens in the tail of the Earth's magnetosphere. It also forms a plasmoid form that travels closer to Venus and directs a chunk of the solar wind's energy into the night environment.

The discovery that plasma is displaced from the tail due to magnetic reconnections provides a plausible new mechanism for explaining how and why gases are lost from Venus' upper atmosphere. It is essential to know how Venus lost its water after the planet began to revel in the runaway greenhouse effect.

"While understanding atmospheric loss is key to establishing the evolutionary history of planets, magnetic reconnection remains poorly understood due to the paucity of in situ observations on planets other than Earth," said HÃ¥kan Swedham, a researcher at the Venus Express Project. of the ESA. ...

"This final result confirms that commenting on terrestrial planets using spacecraft in conjunction with Venus Express, Mars Express, and Cluster is critical if we accept the complex evolution of atmospheres and planets in vogue."

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