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Samsung with extra flat Neo-QLEDs

As soon as "Dinner for One" has flickered across the screen, things are going strong again in the world of technology. CES 2022 will take place in Las Vegas from January 4th to 7th . Although some big names are missing with Google, Meta and Microsoft, other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG will not miss the opportunity to present their first highlights of the year at the fair. TV fans in particular get their money's worth. Samsung with extra flat Neo-QLEDs Samsung is redesigning its Neo QLEDs. Since 2021, televisions have been equipped with mini LEDs that generate bright, evenly illuminated images and ensure high contrasts. The new model, the Samsung QN95B, is supposed to adapt the bundling of light to the image content. Samsung expects this to result in less overexposure to high-contrast image edges. In addition, the television can adjust the backlight brightness in finer steps. It should also score visually, its very thin rim makes it possible. Because Samsung ha
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The selfie camera of Galaxy is so smart

The selfie camera works with 32 megapixels - and videos can be recorded in which two camera images can be seen at the same time. For example, that of the main camera is large and faded in small, or a video next to it with the comment of the end of the film. No jack socket on board As with the predecessor and all current S models, Samsung has dispensed with a 3.5 millimeter jack socket for classic headphones and headsets with a cable in the Galaxy S21 FE. These can only be connected via a USB-C adapter, which is available from Samsung for around 10 euros. Galaxy S21 FE: More expensive than its predecessor The Galaxy S21 FE was unveiled on January 4, 2022. The actual release of the Galaxy S21 FE, ie the start of sales, is January 11, 2022. The prices: 749 euros for the 128 GB version and 819 euros for the 256 GB version. That would be a significant price increase: The S20 FE was available in the LTE version with 128 GB / 6 GB for 633 euros, with 256/8 GB for 719 euros. The 5G ver

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G: This is Samsung's new affordable S-Class!

With the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, Samsung has finally officially presented its cheapest S21 model. The prices are particularly exciting. With the Galaxy S20 FE ("Fan Edition"), Samsung landed a direct hit in autumn 2020: finally a Galaxy that is on par with the S-Class in terms of processor, design and camera equipment, but costs significantly less. The successor Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (here referred to as S21 FE for short) had been expected for a long time, but it was not presented in September 2021. Now, at CES 2022, Samsung has finally officially presented its new upper-class model, which is exciting because of the good price-performance ratio. Galaxy S21 FE: design The S21 FE is officially the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 , but it is mostly called FE for short. So it is not astounding that the design is similar to that of the entire S21 series - rounded corners, a format-filling OLED display at the front with a hole for the front camera, and a triple camera enclosed by

Medion Akoya E15410 in the test: 15-inch model for almost 500 euros at Aldi

Aldi is now offering a 15.6-inch laptop for just under 500 euros with the Medion Akoya E15410. Is that a fair offer? The Aldi notebook in the test. New year, new notebook: Do you need a cheap, no-frills copy that can handle home office tasks as well as children's schoolwork? Then the Akoya E15410, which Aldi will be putting in all 4,159 branches nationwide from January 3, 2022, may be suitable. The test of the new Aldi notebook shows whether this is actually the case. Medion Akoya E15410: Aldi notebook in the test The Akoya E15410 is in a new guise, COMPUTER BILD has not yet tested a Medion notebook in this design. The black plastic housing doesn't look as classy as its aluminum-coated counterparts, but it doesn't feel cheap. On the contrary: It looks modern, there is nothing to complain about about the workmanship. The only drawback: the black dress acknowledges every touch with ugly stains. Good for that: The weight is okay at around 1.7 kilograms for a 15.6-inch note

Apply thermal paste: Cool graphics card - even under full load!

Is your graphics card generating way too much heat and the fans roaring like jet jets? Then you should reapply the thermal paste. How it works? COMPUTER BILD shows you - step by step. First the theory: There is thermal paste between the graphics chip and the cooling system, which helps the graphics card to dissipate heat. However, the constant influence of high temperatures changes the consistency of the paste - it literally dries up over the years. If graphics card manufacturers also use low-quality paste, drying out accelerates. The result: graphics cards with dust-dry thermal paste do not dissipate the waste heat via heat sinks and fans, which does not last long - in the worst case, the graphics chip burns out. The following rule of thumb applies: After three years of operation, the graphics card is ready to refresh the thermal paste. A renewal is also recommended after buying used graphics cards. COMPUTER BILD shows how to do it in simple steps. How hot is my graphics card? I

BASF strengthens innovation pipeline for sustainable agriculture

  BASF is strengthening its research and development (R&D) activities for sustainable agricultural improvements, assisting farmers overcome environmental and financial challenges, as well as assembly customer call for for more sustainably produced food. With answers launching over the subsequent decade, the portfolio helps the company's aim of growing its percentage of agricultural solutions sales every yr with a considerable 7% contribution to sustainability. By 2030, greater than 30 principal R&D initiatives will complete BASF's linked providing for seeds and seed treatment merchandise, chemical and organic solutions, in addition to virtual services. This brings the pipeline to an expected most income potential of greater than 7.Five billion euros. In 2020, BASF spent 840 million euros on R&D within the agricultural answers section; which represents round eleven% of the phase's income. In 2021, the organization will retain to put money into R&D of agricu


  Large-scale vertical farming in urban facilities has awesome capacity to:   1. Sustainably offer sufficient meals to conveniently feed all of humanity for the foreseeable future; 2. Allow big tracts of land to return to the herbal landscape by restoring atmosphere capabilities and offerings; 3. Accurately and efficiently use the organic a part of human and agricultural waste to provide power by means of generating methane and, at the same time, appreciably reduce populations of vermin (eg rats, cockroaches); 4. Sanitize sewage through growing a much-needed new strategy for keeping ingesting water; 5. Take benefit of deserted and disused urban areas; 6. Break the cycle of transmission of pathogens related to an environment contaminated with feces; 7. Permit meals manufacturing throughout the yr with out lack of yield because of weather alternate or climate activities; 8. Remove the need for massive-scale use of pesticides and herbicides; 9) giving an important new function to agroch